Olitaliano: la filiera tracciata di Unasco

Unasco supply chain

Unasco is network of companies that developed unique production procedures system in order to protect italian olive oil production heritage.

What are our goals?

Our main goal is to come up with unique final product: extra virgin olive oil and table olives whose history can be traced all the way back to olive tree. This is a story of made in Italy.

How to achieve that?

The Unasco system is a multicentric network of companies whose main goal is to be transparent in every step of its production process. This is why traceability has become fundamental instrument in order to tell the whole story of olive oil, starting from the olive tree.

What do we propose?

The traceability of final product is a distinctive feature of unique origin of italian olives and olive oil. It is your guarantee of superior quality of our products.

The following actors make part of our olive oil production process

Farms (1226)
Mills (233)
Storage companies (278)
Packaging companies (180)
Olive Producers (44)

Key words for tracking

By tracking we mean the ability to reconstruct and follow information flow in order to reach the origin point of something or someone.
In The UNASCO tracking system you can find even more: roads, landscapes, people, places with their culture , flavors and scents of nature. In other words you can find our identity.

  • It helps you, consumer, to get to know all actors who actively participated in our olives and/or olive oil production and who, in addition, strictly comply to our system regulations.
  • The UNASCO system is a unique instrument providing transparent information regarding all steps of extra virgin olive oil production on the italian territory for all partners affiliated to system itself.
  • This method helps the consumer to verify both quality and authenticity of the final product.
  • It is also a way to share our fundamental values.
  • In this way we build an effective relationship between us, our partner companies, quality certification bodies and the consumer who evaluates how good our product is.